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Teaching Philosophy

As a biology professor, my goal is to guide students in an inclusive learning environment, where they may cultivate critical thinking skills, curiosity for the natural world, and empathy for their peers. I have experience teaching introductory and upper-level classes in biology, botany, ecology, experimental design, as well as graduate courses in my area of plant reproductive ecology and climate change.
I emphasize the following in my classes:

  1. Active learning and high impact practices (HIP) to increase engagement and retention

  2. Hypothesis-driven questions and the scientific method

  3. Quantitative skills including experimental design and statistical analysis

  4. Critical and expansive survey of the literature including readings from Indigenous Scholars and non-western scientists

  5. Writing and oral communication skills

  6. Intersection between diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)  and science.  In addition to focusing on empirical studies and scientific concepts in my courses, I also explore the critical relationship between ecology and social justice. This work is done through a diverse set of readings and other pedagogical materials.

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Courses Taught

Colorado College, Department of Organismal Biology (2018 - Present):

  • Biology of Plants (BE 105)

  • Ecology (BE 208)

  • Biostatistics and Experimental Design (BE220)

  • Ecology and the Environment (EV209)

  • Advanced Ecology (BE 308)

  • Experimental Design and Advanced Ecology (BE 440)

  • Research in Biology (BE 309/409)


University of Northern Colorado, School of Biological Sciences (2015 - 2018):

  • Principles of Biology (BIO 110)

  • Exploring Biology (BIO 100)

  • Ecology (BIO 360)

  • Scientific Writing (SCI 291)

  • Undergraduate Biology Seminar (BIO 491)

  • Graduate Topics in Ecology and Evolution (BIO 565)

  • Conservation of Natural Resources (ENST 265)

  • Introduction to Environmental Studies (ENST 100)


Florida International University, Department of Biological Sciences (2015)

  • Ecology (PCB 3043)

  • Senior Seminar (BSC 4931)

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