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All photos were taken by Khorsand and/or team. 


J. Carcache running the Mobile Instrumented Sensor Platform (MISP) at Imnavait Creek, AK. (2023)


Zach Ginn getting around Toolik Field Station camp! (2023)


Zach Ginn working in control plots and warmed plots in the dry heath tundra (2023)


Z. Ginn, R. Khorsand, L. Keon (2023)


Luca Keon (2023)


View of Toolik Lake and Jade Mountain, North Slope of Alaska (2023)


Team Pollinator (2023)


Zach and Luca remove time-lapse camera equipment from our field sites after the pandemic. During 2020, we used time lapse cameras to document plant phenology because we could not access the field station.


Photo credit: Zach Ginn (2023)


Z. Ginn, L. Keon. J. Carcache, and R. Khorsand on summit of Dalton Peak, AK. (2023)


J. Carcache, K. Morris, L. Keon (2023)


Mosquitoes and more mosquitoes...


Bombus on Salix pulchra (2023). Photo credit: Zach Ginn


Climbing the ridge of Dalton Peak, AK. (2023)


Luca Keon (2023)


Bombus on Kalmia procumbens (2023) Photo credit: Zach Ginn


Muscid fly on Cassiope tetragona (2023) Photo credit: Zach Ginn


Open Top Chamber (OTC) passive warming device amid cottongrass (Eriophorum vaginatum)


From left to right: S. Oberbauer, Z. Ginn, L. Keon, K. Morris, J. Carcache (2023)


Andromeda polifolia (Ericaceae)


Bombus on Pedicularis kanei (2023) Photo credit: Zach Ginn


Luca Keon records phenology (2023)

Pedicularis sp., one of the genera we study in our sites (2022)

Zach Ginn (with his trusty insect net) runs away from the mosquitoes! (2022)

Luca Keon walks back to Toolik Field Station (2022)

From left to right: Dr. Steve Oberbauer, Zach Ginn, Luca Keon, Caroline Brose, Sarah Ansbro (2022)

Luca Keon catches insects to better understand the pollinator network at our sites (2022)

Zach Ginn collects insects in a patch of fireweed, Brooks Range in the background (2022)

Dryas octopetala (2022)

Steve Oberbauer and Sarah Ansbro study early season flowering phenology (2022)

Bistorta officinalis, one of the focal species for pollen limitation experiments (2022)

Zach Ginn puts a mesh bag on a plant to study its breeding system as part of a pollen limitation experiment (2022)

Luca Keon studies floral morphology of Bistorta officinalis. "Bug shirts" are crucial to be able to focus despite the mosquitoes! (2022)

Zach and Luca study pollen content on insects in our lab at Toolik Field Station. Quantifying pollen on insects helps us understand plant-pollinator network structure (2022)

Caroline Brose, Zach Ginn, and Luca Keon study flowering phenology in a control plot (no OTC) and a warmed plot (OTC) (2022)

Andromeda polifolia, a focal species for our nectar study (2021)


Steve Oberbauer and Luca Keon study early season flowering phenology (2022)

Jeremy walks on boardwalk to access our plots at Imnavait Creek (2022)


Imnavait Creek field site. Brooks Range in the background (2022)

Zoom call summer 2022. Roxaneh in Colorado and the rest of the team in Alaska.

Carmen Villalba, Grace Evans and Zach Ginn present their poster at OBE Day 2022 at Colorado College.

Top of Slope Mountain. From left to right: Caroline Brose, Jeremy May, Lucy Zicarelli, Sarah Ansbro, Roxaneh Khorsand, Alex Jennings (2021)

Bumblebee forages on Arctous alpina, one of the first species to flower in the dry heath tundra (2021)


Jeremy prepares a time-lapse camera (2021)

Bikes are helpful to get around camp at Toolik Field Station! Steve on his cruiser (2021)

Caroline Brose napping on Slope Mountain (2021)

Dr. Jeremy May carries a heavy load up to our field site, Toolik Lake! (2022)

Lcuy Zicarelli and Thad Allen create Scanning Electron Microscopy images of pollen from some of the key plant species at our sites. This imagery is critical to understand pollen morphology and transport (2021)

Roxaneh Khorsand and Alex Jennings set up a plot to study heterostyly in Bistorta officinalis (2021)


Vaccinium vitis-idaea


Lucy in the field (2021)


Roxaneh and Caroline on a hike (2021)

Lucy and Alex sporting their bug shirts during nectar collection. They only removed their head coverings for the photo! (2021)

Alex measures wind speed inside and outside of the OTC (2021)

Team at Toolik site (from left to right): Alex Jennings, Sarah Ansbro, Caroline Brose, Jeremy May, Roxaneh Khorsand, Lucy Zicarelli (2021)

Alex, Roxaneh, and Caroline use hand lens to study heterostyly (variation in style length) on flowers of Bistorta officinalis (2021)


Roxaneh teaching Biology of Plants (virtually) through the pandemic. See "Press" link for more info about this story.

Roxaneh showing the parts of a sunflower to her Biology of Plants students on Zoom during the pandemic (2020)

Roxaneh uses a hand lens to study the tiny flowers of Arctous alpina in the dry heath tundra (2019)

Roxaneh gets wild in the tundra with plot sampling (2021)

Team photo on Slope Mountain

From left to right: Alex, Roxaneh, Caroline, Lucy at Imnavait field site (2021)

Toolik field site, Brooks Range in the background. This photo was taken in late May when we place the OTCs on plots to begin experimental warming (2021)

John Feigelson and Hayes Henderson study flowering phenology in a control plot in the dry heath tundra (2019)

Dr. Roxaneh Khorsand at Imnavait Creek, one of our field sites (2019)

Matt Luzincourt and Alex Jennings take a break from pollen work in the lab to get some lunch (2019)

John and Hayes reluctantly show off their "pollinator box" and butterfly net to please their research mentor, Roxaneh (2019)

Setting up OTCs just after snowmelt, late May 2021

Hayes photographs floral visitors (insects) in an OTC (2019)

John, Hayes, and Roxaneh at Imnavait field site (2019)

John and Hayes quantify flowering in an OTC. Note abundant deciduous shrub growth in the OTC (2019)

John studies flowering phenology in an OTC at Imnavait Creek (2019)

Olufisayo Awolaja (UNC) removes pollen from an insect to study pollen content (2017)

Roxaneh studies the breeding system of Thermopsis divaricarpa at Mountain Research Station, CO. (2017)

Olufisayo setting up transects at Mountain Research Station (2017)

John Feigelson presents his poster at the Midstates Consortium Annual Conference (2019)

Olufisayo Awolaja presenting his poster at the Biology Symposium (UNC). He was nominated to present at the National Conference of Undergraduate Research later that year (2017)

Jeremy and Roxaneh on a rainy hike (2017)

Roxaneh climbing a buriti palm to study the fruits (2011)

Maraca Field Station, Roraima, Brazil. This field station is on Ilha de Maraca (Maraca Island), an island in the northern Amazon. Some of the field sites for my doctoral research were located on this island. (2009)

Roxaneh and Fredson Guedes ("Tarzan") climb buriti palms to measure photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) in the canopy (2009)


Buritizal in Roraima, Brazil

Mauritia flexuosa


Dr. Reinaldo Barbosa and Roxaneh trying to get to Maraca Field Station during the wet season. The road was too flooded to drive across (2010)

Rainbow on the Uraricoera River, Maraca Island

Buriti fruit (2008)

Roxaneh ascending a buriti palm to study the flowers (2009)

Buriti fruits (2009)

Honeybee visits male inflorescence of Mauritia flexuosa (buriti) (2010)

Maraca Field Station. From left to right: Reinaldo, Roxaneh, Fredson (2011)

Roxaneh crossing the Uraricoera River to get to Maraca Field Station

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